My name is Taylor. I'm a 26yo, single white female, entertaining in Fort Myers. I'm 5'2" and weigh about 115 lbs. I'm a blonde with blue eyes and amazing 32 DD breasts. All the photos I've posted are really me and there are some undoctored selfies, so you can see me as I am ! There will be no bait and switch here. I do have some tattoos on my arm which I've either photo-shopped out of the pics or blurred them. Clearly they would be identifiers and I prefer to maintain my anonymity online. We all have friends and family that we prefer  not know what we do in our personal time !! 

I'm an Independent that has been around for years. I have reviews on TER, which the USA doesn't have access to, but I took screenshots a while back. I've posted some on this site for you. I'm also on Erotic Monkey and AdultLook. You are welcome to look up my info so you are comfortable with coming to see me.

It can be very simple... if you are looking for a nice girl that is pretty and has great hands, well, lets get together.

If you have seen my girlfriend, Kasey Curves in Baltimore, just let me know. You don't have to go thru any screening process if you have ! and vice versa ! 




Screenshot_2019-03-06 Taylor Davis 239-9
Screenshot_2019-03-06 Taylor Davis 239-9
Screenshot_2019-03-06 Taylor Davis 239-9

Not Full Service

Mutual Touch - OK

Reverse Massage Time - OK

So let me tell you about my Sensual Massage Sessions. I'm very well trained in the art of sensual touch. I'm not a licensed massage therapist so if you have body aches and pains, I'm not the right person to come visit. Time under my hands is about the sensual, the erotic, the pleasures of touch.

My touch is very calculated and methodical. No, its not a robotic body rub session because I have a system. I'm just thorough and smart about how to delivery a great experience.  I use the Tantric 3 Touch System. If you've never heard of it or experienced it before,  you are in for a very pleasurable and enlightening experience, of how a really great body rub can be !

The Tantric 3 Touch System, is like 3 complete body rub sessions all blended into one. The first portion is the kneading of your body, it is similar to the professional's, but  not. I rub and knead you from head to toe, covering all the parts you would expect, but I will also include your scalp, face, ears...etc. These are pleasure points as well, and so often neglected because girls just don't think about it. This portion of your time is about getting you to relax and stimulate your skin for the more sensual touches to come.

Initially, your mind is amped up and too focused on what my hands are doing and where they are ! I need to break you of that and get you to relax. By the time I'm done with this portion, you will be more relax and more receptive to your Body Scratching time. I will seamlessly switch to using the tips of my fingernails to do a light scratching of your entire body. Again, I will include your scalp, face and even your butt !! It is amazing, hot and very sensual. Don't worry, the scratching is light and will not leave any marks, but firm enough not to be like tickling you.


​Yes, I allow mutual touch during our time together....with respectful boundaries. Your hands can wander and feel my firm youthful body, but if I say NO to something you are doing, just stop !! Not a big deal, just move your hands to some place else !! Easy enough.

If we can play out your time properly, there should be a little bit of time for you to lay me down and give me a body rub. Copy what I just did for you onto my body !! I do prefer the longer sessions (90 min or 2 hours) so that we have time slow things down and really enjoy each phase of our time together.

I do prefer men over 30y.

I do travel to different cities and States, but will post only in my current check to see if I'm in your area


Some important info you should know !!

I host our get together ! but I may do Outcalls, if you are near me.

I cover the expense of the Incall Location. I live in the area but do not host from my residence. When a girl hosts from her home, it opens up a list of concerns. Nosy neighbors, noticeable traffic in and out of her place, stalker types now know where she lives...etc. So, no, I do not host from home.

This is cash only for my time ! I don't accept cards or venmo or checks ! I do accept Tips and Gifts though, if you feel compelled LOL

I do a light screening on anyone that is coming to see me. You can fill out the contact form or email me with your info. Its as non-invasive as I can possibly be without jeopardizing my safety. If you are upfront and honest with the info, there should be no further info requests from me, however I may ask for local references or additional info if need be.

If you have to cancel or reschedule your appt time, I ask you to do it in a reasonable time  frame, so I'm allowed to option to rebook the time with someone else. If you cancel at the last minute, it will result in you being blocked from booking with me again (unless you pay for the time lost by me)

If you can't afford to see me, please don't. I do not negotiate. I prefer not to know that you only have $60 in your wallet and be asked what amount of time can I give you for that. There are other girls out there that will entertain you, but it will not be me. I do not want to take the last $60 (or whatever amount) a guy has in his wallet.

Do NOT Text/Email me asking for pics, selfies, unblocked photos. I don't know you and not sending you private pics. If you want to know what I look like there are plenty on my site and in my ads.

Do NOT send me dick pics. I just delete them and then block you.


Monday to Saturday

10am to ???





1.0 hour - 200

1.5 hour - 260

2.0 hour - 350

Each Additional Hour is 250

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